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In the years since 2020 the opportunism around Black liberation has been cloaked in performative activism.  This has become increasingly more evident by the lack of outrage around the Black sanctioned state murders, that we’re still forced to be traumatized by today.  That energy that ignited our revolutionary flames when we took to the streets almost 3 years ago, has to exist in the absence of death in order for those truly dedicating their lives to movement work to make substantial & impactful change.  Black History Month is a time to remember, recognize, & reflect on the tremendous contributions that Black communities have made in America - and your purchase of this sweatshirt will directly support our grassroots organization as we continue our mission of serving, uplifting, & building a more diverse, inclusive & equitable commUNITY for us all!


Outside of startup organizational costs, these funds will be used towards building the 3 primary programs of our collective, allowing space for developing:

  • BRiC (Building Resistance in Community): An immersive pop-up experience that reimagines the meaning & functionality of a progressive bar culture by transporting our guests to the frontline of social justice movements. BRiC executes this through cocktails, art & commUNITY engagement. With the majority of the profits going directly towards cultivating social & economic POWER to the people… by the people! It started with a BRIC & we’re still building. 
  • PHRESH Food: A revolutionary hybrid approach at addressing food sovereignty & climate resiliency, through sustainable food boxes & educational lifestyle resources. By collaborating with Black owned businesses, farmers, chefs, advocates, grocery stores, & wellness influencers - PHRESH Food will regularly curate these boxes with ethically sourced goods & provide access to accompanying digital content that will help promote healthy alternatives to the ways in which we are given & receive food in underserved communities.
  • MCM (Mental Care Monday): A virtual community that’s mission is to provide safe spaces that center around supporting & uplifting the experiences of underserved communities, while thoughtfully aiming to normalize the necessary conversations of mental health awareness amongst Black & Brown folx. With deliberately curated resources from a rotating selection of wellness professionals [a licensed therapist will always be on hand if someone is in need of more support], MCM utilizes a unique blend of traditional methods mixed with more holistic practices. Each session incorporates themed writing prompts that correlate with a particular trauma response or spiritual exercise, breathing techniques, body movement/yoga, & a variety of other coping mechanisms participants can implement into their day to day routines. Black people need to have access to pathways they can start healing from their generational trauma, & White folx need to find a way to pay for it!


BOSS x You Can’t Stop The Revolution supports creatives of color and curates opportunities that will help facilitate impactful conversations, inspire change, amplify systemically vulnerable voices, and elevate Black communities. Since 2019 BOSSx has been committed to doing more than just talking the talk, and your purchase of this sweatshirt will directly help us walk the walk.