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Louisville Eviction Court watch

Eviction Court is currently being held via Zoom Meetings.

To Join by Phone:

  • Dial  1-312-626-6798

  • Enter Conference Code 308


To Join by Zoom Online:

  • Go to

  • Select “JOIN A MEETING” from the menu bar at the top of the page (upper right)

  • Type or paste the Meeting Code 789 335 2944 into the space provided and click “Join”

  • When the dialogue box appears, select “Open Zoom”

  • After Zoom launches, enter the Password 308 into the space provided and select “Join Meeting”

***Don’t forget to MUTE yourself and turn the camera OFF when you enter the Zoom meeting.


Document the the following information:

  • Date of Hearing

  • Defendant’s First Name

  • Defendant’s Last Name

  • Address

  • Landlord

  • Reason for Eviction

  • Outcome

  • Description of Proceeding

  • Your Name

  • Name of Judge

  • Any other helpful notes

***If you are able, please record audio of the hearing with your phone or computer.


Making Contact with Individuals in the Meeting

  • If you are able, make discreet contact with the individual facing eviction or their lawyer if they are not in attendance.

  • If they are receptive, try to identify immediate needs of individual post hearing.

  • Do not try to disrupt the meeting if you do not have prior experience in eviction disruption (this is additionally complicated due to the state’s ability to mute and expel individuals from Zoom meetings).

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